I stumbled into the world of fashion by complete chance. When I was a high school student I was inspired by my dear friend who made (and still does) wired jewellery and after buying a few of her pieces, I was soon a budding wired jewellery maker myself. I was terrible at wiring skills, but family and friends said I have such a good eye for colours. A hobby soon turned into an obsession, and a full vision of a business that actually could make money was a daydream I had often escaped into amidst my university studies.

Now I am in the process of turning that dream into a reality. After graduating with a upper second class honors in International Relations from Edinburgh University, and several months of endless job-hunting, I decided to shun the corporate world and enter full-time into the whimsical fantasy that is the fashion industry. I have no penny to my name but my skills, resolve and determination. It is not easy, and it never will be. But if I do not try, I will never know if I could succeed.

I have a vision of beautifying this world, illuminating exquisite and unique human features of individuals and correcting the devil’s work through working on and through the human body. We are created to be beautiful, and I want to show that it does not take thousands of dollars to look like a model, a beauty queen, a living goddess. It is all within you and help is all around, all affordable prices.

This blog exists to show that if you look around your living quarter, your hometown, your city with the curiosity and eyes of wonder like those of a tourist exploring it for the first time, you will find hidden treasures, unseen beauty and extraordinary inspirations amid tiresome and all-too-familiar surroundings. If you look closer, you will see treasure-troves of beauty existing in the ordinary, the daily, the quintessential commonality.


Let me hear you say:

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