My Singapore Girl Part 2:The Brandilicious Party Girl


I actually don’t know what to write for this ambitious topic.

Who am I to comment on an entire society’s spending habits and branding culture? For my first write up, I had figures and numbers and facts at my fingers’ tip but who cares…

I just know this. I am part of this culture that spends and consumes and loves brands. Don’t we all love Zara H&M Topshop Escada LV Fendi Gucci Prada? And why the heck not? They produce great stuff, beautiful clothes and even more amazing bags don’t they.

Maybe not. Maybe we want something more than just the physical things brand offer; we want to be like them, like the cool kids that wear them and flung them around so tastefully. It looks great to be rich and famous, it looks cool to have some cash to splash, it looks fun to swipe and sign cards like it is out of fashion. At the end of the day, though, it is just a look.

close up night

I love my brands because I know the steep history of these mystical names and the founders who devoted their lives to their work. Because Gabrielle Chanel stood by Chanel for all of her life, it is now the world’s most desirable, most prestigious name. Did you know, she sacrificed her happiness and everything she ever had to build Chanel, to create that jacket that you wear, to free us all from the bondage of corsets and frivolous Over the top decadence? To everyone else, it is simply a piece of clothing. To her, it is everything she had and believed in.

For this shoot, I took the Singapore girl to the extreme, the one that is not afraid of who she is, what she wears, how she wears it and is not afraid to have a good time. I love colours because life is colorful, and I love the duality of the outfit, it has femininity and conservatism as well as being tastefully sexy. It brings together the Singapore girl vision I want to create; she’s always balancing a duality in her life, to be feminine and conservative in an Asian society but also to be someone who lives life to the full and enjoys it. Life is after all, but a breadth, so we better live it.

My photographer and partners in crime were amazing and we spent 6 hours to get a few images. I’m forever thankful for your time and effort. And I hope this write up, finally after 1 year, didn’t disappoint.

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed week ahead

Christine x

Many thanks to Norman Serajevu ( for the photography!

behind the scene 2

behindthescene 1


sunset sitting.jpg

walking light

Skirt: Unknown (@Singapore)

Top: Primark (£5 @Edinburgh)

Jacket: Unknown (@Singapore)

Shoes: New Look  (£16 on sale @Edinburgh)

Headbands: Forever 21 crop tops used as accessories

Earrings: self-made

Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo

falling mbs

night walk way

Jacket:  £100 Custom made @Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Skirt: Unknown

Crop Jacket: Warehouse (£5 @Cancer Research UK)

Earrings: Aldo (£2.50 @Singapore)

walk way


close up 2

Necklace: Self-made

Cuff: Gifted

Bag: YSL gift pouch

Headbands: Gifted

Eyeshadow: The Vice Palette by Urban Decay



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