Edinburgh Princes Street Garden: Always in blooms

main pic

This is post actually 1 year late. I think this is the tradition of this blog, posting photos one year after they are taken. I apologise deeply to the photographers who have worked with me.

I’ve moved to Vietnam for exactly 2 months now. In the midst of a bustling city that never sleeps, I almost forgot about Edinburgh. Maybe because my last few months there were soured by some bad work experiences, but Edinburgh has been nothing but good to me. And I remember it most during this time of the year, the beginning of Spring.


I remember this shoot very well. It was still very cold although it was already late April. But my photographer and I braved the cold and I took off my coat for most parts of the shoot. I should not have worn the turtle neck black top but I chickened out in the face of the cold.

Looking back at the photos makes me feel really nostalgic. I just turned 27 not too long ago, and I was lamenting with a close friend that I feel so old. But the truth is I am still in the spring of my life. These past 2 years were very challenging for me in every aspect. I had many doubts about my future. I was very blessed to go back to university to finally get on the path of chasing my dreams; working with fashion. Before that, I spent a year wandering in the wilderness of adulthood while starting my own social enterprise that went nowhere. While my friends found stable jobs with good income, I was doing part time jobs and working without pay. Although at the end of last year I graduated at the top of my class, nothing was certain about my future. I didn’t know if I could stay in the UK and where I am heading in both my personal life and work. My friends are getting engaged and married all around me but my 5-year relationship has nothing to show for, and the worst part is my father is still vehemently against it. Finding a permanent job was almost impossible without a long-term visa and settled for a less than perfect part time job. Time flies by as I struggled, and soon I’ll be reaching my 30.

Looking at my friends, I sometimes wish I had taken the straight road; out of university, found a job with big company, settled in, get engaged, get married, and maybe kids. But is that all to life?

I haven’t forgotten anything that He told me all those years ago, that as much as I was given, I am meant to do great things. This might mean not having a permanent home in the near future, not having a regular income. not having the wedding of my dream for now, not having children, etc.

While I took a meandering road to study international relations in Edinburgh I have a different path, the long march to fulfilling God’s purpose in my life. I may be a little late getting there, and the road maybe long, but I know I’m on the right path.

Spring is the beginning, the most beautiful time of the year. And my life, like those flowers in the garden, is still in blooms 🙂

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed weekend.

Christine x

Many thanks to Manos Tzivaskis for the photography.

IMG_9422 (1)





Skirt: Ateeshow

Top: Primark

Jacket: Thuy Nga Design

Shoes: Aldo

Flower Corsages: H&M

Hat: Primark

Headband: Primark




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