2014: A year in a review


I started this blog 1 year ago as an accumulation of 3 things:
1. My wish to explore and take a closer look at Singapore or places I go to hence the title The Local Touriste
2. My love for affordable fashion and reusable clothing
3. My 2-year desire to have a fashion blog that would provide meaningful content and not just as a parade of clothes and fashion wishlists

Another more superficial motivation also includes the fact that I LOVE posing and modelling, knowing it’s impossible given my height and age, but who doesn’t love being the centre of all the attention 🙂

Two months into the creation of the blog, I found my ‘modelling’ an utter shamble and without a proper professional camera, and a willing photographer, my sister suffered being given annoying photographic directions, shooting me under the hottest afternoon sun, enduring the gazes of ever-intrigued onlookers, and the blog suffered as a result of poor images. The writings were feed-backed as honest and original, but nobody was willing to read that much, they were there for the pictures I realised.

Honest (sometimes destructive) criticisms led me to reach out to willing amateur photographers who would shoot for free, which I found incredible given they were working professionals and had to sacrifice weekends and day-offs to shoot with me. I also met make-up artist and hairstylist taking over my laborious job of getting ready for a shoot. Along the way with their help, I learn to pose, find my angle, smile, while still battling the chronic model disease of ‘chin down please’. Needless to say, America’s Next Top Model was my favourite show, and Vogue becomes not just a source of fashion news, but also a resource for model poses to copy. hah.

After 6 months, I learnt 3 things: I will never really become a professional blogger, because that takes too much time and effort for something I was only willing to invest as a serious hobby, modelling is serious hard work and your blog is as good as your pictures, and honest short sharp writings.

After a year, my writing is still long, but my pictures have now become a lot more professional. My poses look more natural and model-ish, but I still look like an angry killer staring down her preys. I’m still an amateur, but I’ve learnt to really enjoy the whole process. Modelling in the scorching sun will now be replaced with modelling in cold and wintry conditions, but hey, at least I get to say I model!

Thank you for reading. Have a blessed 2015!

Christine x

One of my favourites that my sister captured. She has learnt tons about photography thanks to me!

My mom took this with an Iphone. She and I had great fun mirroring the pictures in the Chanel exhibition!

Natural beauty is not so natural after all. I used about 10 different make-up items for this look.


Adenan finally made me smile at a shoot and doesn’t look crazy!

saigonMy nephew Nhat Duc showed himself to be a very talented young budding photographer with this amazing shot in Vietnam. Thank goodness it also happened to be one of my best modelling effort!


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