Fashion and the city: monochrome & grunge


I usually write about locations; spaces that bring back some memories to me. Although this blog is about fashion, style and beauty, I never really explicitly write about fashion.

So while I am dirt poor and will not be able to travel to another exotic location every month and Singapore is tiny, I have decided to write more about fashion. So this is the first of the monthly fashion write-up entitled ‘fashion and the city, where I feature a more editorial look, a guest make-up artist or a guest stylist and write about what inspires the look, what goes into making it, can we wear it everyday, etc.

Today, we experiment with monochrome. This shoot is a collaboration between me, guest hairstylist Yvonne, guest photographer Adenan and experienced fashion make-up artist Bren. It’s really mesh up of everything, of all our styles in a casual, unplanned, make-it-up as we go kind of way. Yvonne decided to be experimental by not using any hairspray. The outcome is a messy crunch look.  Some experiment with the make up and photo editing emphasized the lip to another level.

I was really shocked when the pictures came out. But that’s the whole point of experimentation. Sometimes they go wrong, sometimes they go right. And either way, we are a better for just trying.

Special thanks to Yvonne Song, BrenD and Creative Media Shootz!

Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend!

Christine x




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