Celebrating Rimmel: Making up the flower power


It might be difficult to believe, but I was once vehemently against the idea of wearing make-up. At 19 I declared on Facebook that a girl’s best make-up is her confidence (I still stand by this) and I shall never be bothered to wear any (I have since changed…). It must have been the influence of Bella from Twilight, Hermione from Harry Potter, or just that fact that make-up was not allowed in school in Singapore.

It was my mom who brought me to a FANCL (a Japanese make-up brand) counter when I was 21 to have my face all made up naturally and proceeded to buy me a whole set of basic make-up kit. I would use up all the products before buying new ones myself. What a difference a few years could make.

I supposed I never knew the power of make-up and that is why I shunned it. I didn’t know make-up could be fun, fulfilling, empowering, comforting, artistic, funky, seductive, invigorating, inviting, all at the same time. The moment I discovered the power a tiny tube of concealer could give to someone who suffered from acne, I was signed, sealed, delivered as yours truly.

Today’s shoot is about British make-up brand Rimmel and being British-ly cool. I will not go into the details about the brand’s incredible history and the story behind how one man transformed the world he lived in. You can read it on make-up artist to the stars Lisa Eldridge’s blog here.

Today I want to celebrate the British coolness that Rimmel is all about. The casual but chic and funky British girl that I have learnt much from during my years as a student at Edinburgh University. I choose to combine the heart motif and color palette from Burberry’s 2013 A/W collection with the typical girly braids of British summertime, trying my best to use brands that are a fixture of the British high street.

When I was a student and poor (I am still not much richer now), Rimmel was a God-sent with their cheap and cheerful products that never compromise on quality. Fashion is never about how expensive you look. It is about looking your very best with the resources you are given.

Thank you for reading.

Christine x

Dress: Timing (sale £7), Skirt: Dorothy Perkins (sale £10), Belt: Primark (retailed £4), Shoes: Clarks (sale £20), Earrings: a gift from my dear sister, Hair band: Primark (sale £1.50)

Rimmel Wake-Me-Up Foundation in Soft Beige (Sale on ASOS £5.99), Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Transparent (retailed £3.99), Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Soft Beige (retailed £5.49), Rimmel Exaggerate automatic waterproof eyeliner in Plum, Rimmel Lasting Finish trio-blush (discontinued), Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in True Vintage (retailed £4.99)


One thought on “Celebrating Rimmel: Making up the flower power

  1. Jetzt nicht mehr, denn ab sofort tragen wir die ganze Galaxis auf unseren Pullis, Leggins, Kleidern, Röcken, Hüten, Jacken, Schuhen überall eben!! Chetisophrr Kane, der mit seinen gerade mal 29


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