Working space: Independent Bad-ass Female Boss


There is something visibly attractive about an independent woman. Especially someone who grabs power by the throat and swings it high over her head before ensuring its most thunderous crash.

There is something even more enchanting about a woman who knows her space in her office, and shows high awareness of her body, her walk talk sit dance around her colleagues, acquaintances, clients and potential employers and employees.

It is an art as much as it is a science to figure out how and why certain women rise to the top of their profession with ease and not much elbowing, while the majority, erm, elbowed their way through the process of transfiguration from bottom to top of the food chain.

My extensive experience (3.5 months is a long time to me) of being a plankton in the sea trying to find the way into the mermaids’ castle taught me two most important things about transfiguration. Be true to yourself and be honest about your abilities. If you are a shark in disguise, show some sharp teeth because you are not a vegetarian. If you look like a shark but a clownfish in nature, show your true beautiful colours (Sharks are dull in colours).

Today’s shoot is about using a corner, a space in a terribly messy working area to your advantage and owning it. My space may be small, but at least I know it is mine and don’t you dare invade.

Thank you for reading

Christine x

Jacket: Ariose & Years (gifted), Top: H&M (sale £9.90), Skirt: Primark (retailed £8), Shoes: New Look (sale £9.99), Watch: Jean Perret ( old sale £150), Necklace: Freshwater pearls (a gift from mom), Studs: Primark (retailed £2)

Jacket: Tailored made in  Saigon,Vietnam

Hair & Make-up:

Skin79 Super Plus Hot Pink BB cream (retailed £18 at Watsons Singapore), Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Shade 53 (sale on ASOS £7.99), Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Transparent (retailed £3.99), MUA Single Eyeshadow (retailed £1), Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Palette (sale £15), Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner Black (retailed £7.99), Maybelline the Colossal Cat-eye Mascara(£3.99 at Frangracedirect), Rimmel Lasting Finish trio-blush (discontinued) , No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Almost Pink (discounted with Boots £7.50)


Let me hear you say:

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