Norwegians you are blessed. Your country is a kingdom of spectacular scenery, an extensive reserve of natural resources, a highly-educated workforce with one of the highest level of income and standard of living in the world, and a hospitable heart to match.

I was fortunate be granted a visit to this incredible country as a gift from my parents for successfully completing my degree with a upper second class honors. We travelled almost 1500 miles (according to Tomtom, the most reliable GPS device I have used) across the country from north to south from east to west of the country in just 5 days thanks the prowess of the humble rented Volkswagen GOLF and two awesome drivers.

Our journey brought us from the budget airport of Sandefjord by Ryan Air from Edinburgh, an overnight stay in Oslo (we didn’t explore the city), to our 8-hour drive through the winding roads down to the hidden trove of Geirangerfjord in the north-west passing by the Olympic city of Lillehammer, another 12-hour drive upward and on to Mosjøen a small town near the Artic circle surrounded by jungles of bears and wolves(unfortunately it was raining hard so pictures), downward to small campsite near the Swedish borders on the south-east, and finally to our final destination Fredrikstad where we crossed over to a small Swedish island by ferry.

It was a unforgettable experience, driving sometimes at 170 km/h through non-stop scenery of mountains and lakes side by side, enjoying the cottage life amid laughters and tears of travel fatigue. Through it all, we remember the characteristics of the descendants of the Vikings: kind, polite, incredible driving skills, hospitable, friendly, understanding and possessive of a great sense of humour.

Thank you for preserving so well your magnificent country so that fortunate visitors like us could have a glimpse into your amazing world.

Passing by Lillehammer


Top: Banana Republic (old), Bottom: H &M (sale at £7), Boots: Lacoste (sale £40), Necklace: Primark (£4) 

My babe at Geirangerfjord

At the cottage house near the Swedish borders. It is apparently a Norwegian tradition to grow grass on rooftops.

At our hotel in Fredrikstad. According to the hotel owner, it is the best hotel in town. I will not argue against the view.

At one of the most southern tip of Norway, about to board the ferry.

Bottom: ASOS Skinny Trousers (sale £12.50), Top 1(long sleeve): Unbranded at Saigon Square 2 Vietnam, Top 2 (sleeveless): Unbranded at Saigon Square 2 Vietnam, Jacket: Zara (retailed £59.99), Hat: H&M (sale £7), Necklace: Primark (retailed £4), Sunglass: Ralph Lauren (retailed £175)

Make up:

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (£9.99 but redeemed for free at Boots using points), Skin79 Super Plus Hot Pink BB cream (retailed £18 at Watsons Singapore), The Naked 2 Palette (on Ebay at £15), Calvin Klein Lipstick (at at £2.99), Maybelline the Colossal Cat-eye Mascara(£3.99 at Frangracedirect), Tony Moly Mascara Base (discontinued), Max Factor cream blush (£6.99), Rimmel Exaggerate automatic waterproof eyeliner in black (£3.99)


Norwegian Woods: Crossing you North South East West in style

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