Singapore Botanical Gardens: Colourful Casual Chic on Christmas Eve

In deep thoughts

I visited this place for the first time as a student; my secondary school has sent our class here for literature in the hope we would be inspired by nature to write better poems. Back then, I, along with most classmates, were too bothered by the heat and the cumbersome gazes of tourists to be inspired by anything. I remember a dear friend writing ‘Ode to (insert plant name)’ and was highly praised for it. I had to search the internet for help.

I have since come here several times to enjoy the excellent free concerts held at the floating platform or just to hang out with friends. On Christmas Eve 2013 I came again with my mom after having long forgotten this beautiful place. We detest the bustling shopping streets that all Singaporeans seemed to have flocked to; and we were blessed by the serenity and tranquility found in this place. Only expatriates have come and a few tourists have bothered. The weather was breezy without the appearance of the harsh sun. I took the chance to be a supermodel, representing the unbranded pieces of clothes in my wardrobe I have absent-mindedly put together just 1 hour before we left. Style and fashion should never compromise comfort and affordability.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Christine x


Tree of life

Tree of life

Top: H &M (at the sale for £3), Bottom: Unbranded from Vietnam Saigon Square 1, Bag: Effe (a gift from my beloved), Shoes: Clarks (at the sale for £20), Make-up & Hair : none


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