My Singapore Girl Part 2:The Brandilicious Party Girl


I actually don’t know what to write for this ambitious topic.

Who am I to comment on an entire society’s spending habits and branding culture? For my first write up, I had figures and numbers and facts at my fingers’ tip but who cares…
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My Singapore Girl: Part 1


If you think I rip off Singapore Airlines’ Singapore Girl iconic tagline, of course I did.

I am a Singapore girl, not the air stewardess kind, unfortunately. I mean I lived here for 11 years. I grew up here. My childhood and teenage hood, and subsequently who I am today are dramatically shaped by this small island. Ultimately, I hold a Singapore passport, and therefore I am a Singaporean.

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Banks of Scotland: Rhythms and Riots

thanks a million

Who doesn’t have a relationship with a bank? My first banking experience was at PosB Singapore in 2000. I was 10 going on 11. I remember having to use my thumb as my signature then while my cousin, 8 years older, could just scribble a wiggly line and get done with it. How annoying.

I also remember going to queue at the bank every week to deposit in S$50. Over 2 years I saved up almost $5000, all of which disappeared in the blink of teenage-hood.
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Msc. International Fashion Marketing: On the Fashion express train


The Fashion Industry is not for the faint-hearted. One day you’re in, the next day you’re out. Heidi Klum was not kidding.

It is not for those who can’t stomach the constant state of stress, pressure and daily drama. Not for those who can’t be calm when it is mad, who can’t stay cool when the heat is up, who can’t be silent when it is unforgivingly loud. Welcome to the glamorous¬†Mad House.

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2014: A year in a review


I started this blog 1 year ago as an accumulation of 3 things:
1. My wish to explore and take a closer look at Singapore or places I go to hence the title The Local Touriste
2. My love for affordable fashion and reusable clothing
3. My 2-year desire to have a fashion blog that would provide meaningful content and not just as a parade of clothes and fashion wishlists

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Housing and Development Board Singapore: Back to the future


First of all, my deepest apologies to the photographer of the gorgeous pictures of this post, Norman of Above Norm. We shot this in June, and I am half a year late in posting this. However, I thought the timing is perfect, as I struggled to write a decent post that will do these pictures justice. God forbids I only found my  inspiration 6 months later!

A lot had happened in 6 months. The biggest change for this blog is we have said goodbye to sunny Singapore and embarked on an exciting fashion journey to Edinburgh Scotland. The new year will feature a lot more about Edinburgh and Scotland but for now, I want to pay a little tribute to Singapore.

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